My Trip to Fiji


On saturday i woke up at 4:00 am feeling excited to go Fiji getting off the bed i went to brush and then I went to change my beautiful new clothes.Me and my sisters were all ready to go to the Airport. Then my uncle came with his car then we put all our luggage in the car then we all sat down in the car and went to the airport. When we reached there we got off and took our bag out of the car then we went inside. It was so cool then we took our I passport area. It was boring then we went to the bag area. Then we went to the scanning area after we waited. Then we finally boarded our plane.

When I entered I felt so scared and nervous but then I sat down and put on my seatbelt. When all of the people sat down. The flight attendant showed us a safety video.           

 Then we were preparing for takeoff. The pilot told us to fasten your seat-belt. I was feeling scared but then when we were going up high. The sky was beautiful. It was light blue and cloud looked like cotton candy   

Then I watched some movies. I watched the Minions. It was so interesting and funny. It was a 2 hour 30 minute flight.


The plane finally landed so we got off of the plane and it was very hot. Then we drove with our bags to where we were staying feeling excited. After we went and put our bags down, then it got late so we went to sleep. I woke up, brushed my teeth and ate breakfast. It was delicious  pancakes and milo. It was so good. 


After that, we went to my aunt’s house. When I got there I was happy to see my aunty. There was a cat named Mowe. It was very grumpy and it was so fluffy. I loved it but it did not like me. My cousins and I played in the rain bath. We were soaked in rain water so we went to shower. After we were done showering my aunts asked me to help her make pancakes. After I helped her make it, we ate the pancake with some tea.


And finally it was dinner time it was my Favorited crab and fish and roti with some spices but not too spicy then i went  to brush my teeth and get ready for bed the i hopped into my bed 

In conclusion, I would like to say that Fiji is a very hot place but it is the most beautiful country. I would love to stay there for 5 more days if I could. But I had to go to New Zealand. I got sad because I had to say goodbye but my cousin said she will call me and stay in  touch 



         A Walk in rain forest

    On Friday  Isabelle and i went to the rain  forest. The beauty of the forest was heartwarming. The sky was blue . The sun was looking like an orange ball. The trees were smiling. The  leaves were winking at us through the tree top. The forest was a leafy paradise where we saw wild mushrooms and blood red berries on the ground.

At the start of the walk it was fun and easy. Then the path began  to go downhill and  was running. Suddenly. The pace and golden moment ended. Hell broke loose. Isabelle shrieked,screamed and cried super loudly. I don’t know what happened. Oh my word yolonda ran into a tree, fell and knocked her head on the ground. 

Dad and mom were not walking  far behind us. I could not see them. We were lost then I heard a sound. I saw a lady . she asked ‘’what the matter?’’ She put her jacket around Isabelle.

Then  she waited . Dad soon came. The  lady put a plaster on the side of Isabelle’s head. Isabelle was OK. 

The day in rain forest with my family was special . I was so happy  Isabelle was smiling. 

 my name is Andriana and i’m year six students i am in room 8 with my amazing teacher miss dollie. Please leave a good comment

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